This month (September), we will be highlighting Black Girls Smile, Inc.

Black Girls Smile Inc. (BGS) has been recognized as one of the leading organizations focusing on black female mental wellness.

Black Girls Smile Inc. was founded with a mission to provide young black women with education, resources, and support to lead mentally healthy lives. BGS' mission is grounded in research, focus group findings, and personal experiences highlighting the under-served and underrepresented mental health needs of young black women.

BGS envisions a society that through the normalization and dialogue surrounding mental wellness, all individuals, including young African American females are provided education, support, and resources necessary to lead mentally healthy lives.


Black Girls Smile Inc. is a nonprofit dedicated to encouraging positive mental health education, resources, and support geared toward young African American females.​


Our vision is of a society that focuses on ensuring all young African American females receive the resources and support necessary to lead mentally healthy lives.


To learn more & support visit their website: