ORGANIZATION HIGHLIGHT // The Gray Matter Experience



This quarter (July-August), we will be highlighting The Gray Matter Experience

Gray Matter is a Chicago-based, entrepreneurial experience program for high school students across the country. All programs consist of a series of engaging workshops comprised of team building activities, group and individual tasks, discussions, guest speakers, and fun and engaging field trips.

Participating students learn business concepts from entrepreneurs and professionals and then use that knowledge to create businesses to help impact Black communities within their cities. Students are encouraged to launch their businesses and will be placed in relevant internships and mentorships to ensure their success.

Gray Matter aims to educate, empower and assist students in creating their own businesses while providing them access to resources and support to ensure students understand that their ideas are valid and vital to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.



  • Bootcamps
  • In-School Programming
  • Auxiliary Programming
  • Pop Up Events & Workshops
  • Hustle Hacks


Gray Matter believes in empowering youth to create their own businesses can have great impact on their own self-worth, perception of the meaning of success, and can positively impact underrepresented neighborhoods across Chicago.


To learn more visit their website: