It's About Time You Enjoyed Yourself ⏰

It's About Time You Enjoyed Yourself ⏰


There is nothing better for a man than that he should eat and drink and make himself enjoy good in his labor. Even this, I have seen, is from the hand of God.

Ecclesiastes 2:24 AMPC



We all have things that must be done, but God wants us to enjoy our life's journey. If we are too busy, we will block the flow of what the Holy Spirit wants to do through us.

Busyness keeps us from being fruitful in the kingdom of God. God didn't put us here just to work, strive, accumulate things and become stressed out. He wants us to enjoy Him, His creation and others.

Today, take time and enjoy what God has blessed you with. Enjoy your family, your home and yourself





Heavenly Father,

I pray that you would refresh my mind and soul, so that I may enjoy the work I am assigned to do.

Sometimes I feel tired, weary, and board in the mundane task of this life and my career. I know you have placed me here, in this season for a purpose. I know there is nothing better than enjoying what you do, and finding happiness within your work.

I pray that you would help me find joy, contentment, and enthusiasm for my task and responsibilities each day. I am powerless to make my life happy or my labors successful by myself, these things only come from your hand. Father, I thank you in advance for your blessings.

In Jesus name I pray,


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